i am here to guide
you through the
communications maze.

Is this you?

You love working with words, but you don’t have much time. Or you’d like to be better at it. Maybe you just hate it.

And you have so much to write. Web pages. Blog posts. Reports. Guides. Video scripts. Audio. All of it in human, clear, targeted language.

Your to-do list could stretch to the moon and back.

We haven’t even got to SEO, keyword research, analytics, content strategies, social media automation and digital marketing.

It’s all too much!

This is me

I love working with words. Building bridges between people and ideas. Rolling up my sleeves and learning new skills.

I’ve been doing it since I was very young.

I grew up in Africa and Asia, roaming the jungle at the end of our street and exploring markets and bazaars. England was next, followed by Australia.

There wasn’t much consistency in my life, except for one thing. 

I loved stories. I talked to people, I listened to them and I uncovered tales of places, cultures, ideas and things.

I suppose it was natural that all my jobs involved communication. I edited a wine magazine, lectured in Asian Studies, specialised in community engagement and studied environmental behaviour change. I worked in marketing, learned about epublishing, copywriting and digital communication. Creative writing provided a backdrop and I even published a novel. 

All those words, images and techniques filtered through my brain like spring water through sand.

I discovered what worked and what didn’t.

I stripped jargon out and put stories in.

I learned that every human being has stories to tell. As do businesses, non-profits and organisations of all kinds.

Those stories need to be told, in clear language that people understand.

That’s where I come in.

Get in touch and I’ll give you a helping hand.


  • Marketing, communications & behaviour change
  • Sustainability, environmental education, natural resource management
  • Community development, stakeholder engagement
  • Eco-tourism, tour guiding, interpretive signage
  • Local food systems, urban food growing
  • Creative thinking techniques, fiction/non-fiction writing, journalling



  • Berndt Memorial Prize for Anthropology
  • Olvar Wood Writers’ Fellowship
  • Australian Society of Authors Mentorship Award
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence – Murdoch University