you may think that grants mean free money. think again! successful applications take skill and hard work.

this is how you win a grant application:

  • Identify a great project with a demonstrated need
  • Make sure you have the capacity to deliver it – that means consultation with everyone involved
  • Identify funding bodies that align with your goals
  • Start with your budget
  • Write well – don’t waste a word and use data and stories to bring your application to life
  • Rally your supporters and show the funders that stakeholders are on board
  • Think like a Grants Officer! Make it easy for the assessor to get the information they need.
  • Get lucky. Yes, luck is involved but a great application will make a difference.

It doesn’t end there. If you’re successful, you need to document your project, communicate the outcomes and submit the acquittal on time. 

And if you didn’t win, all is not lost. You still learned a lot, brought people together and gained skills for success next time.

Do you need help?

I’ve sat on assessment panels and I’ve seen hundreds of grant applications come across my desk. I’ve been part of teams that put large grant applications together and delivered the resulting projects. I spent many years in local government, designing grant programs, delivering workshops and writing funding handbooks.

I now help people with their funding applications and have an excellent success rate, delivering over $600,000 to happy clients this year.

How does it work?

Get in touch and we can talk about your business and the grant you wish to apply for. I will put a quote together that covers the process.

Please note that I don’t work on a commission basis.