the better the information I get from you, the better the result you get from me.

Every job is different, but this is the way it usually works.

Firstly – get in touch
Email or call me with your enquiry. I’m happy to meet for coffee or drop in too, especially if you live in Toowoomba, the Darling Downs or Brisbane. If you’re not local, that’s okay. A lot of this work can be done via phone/email or Skype.

When I have enough information, I’ll give you a quote.

Then what?
It depends! But if we’re doing an ‘about’ page or business storytelling, I like to talk with you. That way, I learn about your business in your language. It’s the best way to draw you out and find the right words.

The first draft
When I’ve written the content, I’ll send it through for your feedback.

I include 2 rounds of changes in my rate – as long as you give them to me within 30 days of receiving the first draft.

What does it cost?
I knew you’d ask that. And I’d love to tell you, but it really does depend on the job. It’s a bit like taking your car to get fixed. The mechanic has to look at it first.

However: I’m not as expensive as a big-city copywriter. Overheads are lower in a regional centre, so I pass those on. And I’m not as cheap as someone on Fiverr.

Upfront costs
I require a 30% deposit on most jobs. If it’s a small task (as in an hour or two) I’ll ask for the whole amount upfront.

Get in touch and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.